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What is Ruby, What is Rails? Why Ruby? and Where to start learning Ruby on Rails? Ok, Below are the explanation about the RUBYYY...

1. What is Ruby, What is Rails?
Ruby  = Programming Language
Rails  = Application Framework

Thus, Rails is a web application framework, written in Ruby, and all Rails applications are written in Ruby.

Ruby on Rails gained its early popularity with startups and small companies, but it has grown far beyond that early base. Big players such as Amazon, eBay, and AOL are using Rails for some of their newer projects. And it is not limited to the consumer web: Thought works, an 800-employee global IT company, is now using Rails in many of its enterprise projects. Here’s a brief quote from the Thought works web site:

“Ruby’s elegance, along with Rail’s emphasis on Agile practices, is providing many adopters with several-times higher productivity than traditional Java and .NET web-development platforms, creating enterprise-worthy systems in many domains.”

Keep in mind that this quote comes from a substantial firm that built a large part of its reputation on Java applications.

To understand why Ruby on Rails is so popular, let’s first take a look at what it actually is, and where this strange name comes from. MORE DETAILS you can directly read Here.

2. Why Ruby?
Should you learn Ruby on Rails? It does take a significant effort, and if you’re already proficient in PHP, Python, Java, or .net, switching to Rails will take an investment of time and effort before it delivers any returns. I believe that, for most web developers, this is an investment well worth making. Here’s why. Here.

3. Where to Start with Ruby?
Learn here:
  • http://tryruby.org
  • http://railsforzombies.org/



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