CR: Date Format

Pattern      Result
d                Numeric day of month without leading zero (1, 7, 31)
dd              Numeric day of month with leading zero (01, 07, 31)
ddd            Three day abbreviation of day of week (Mon, Sat)
dddd           Full name of day of week (Monday, Saturday)
M               Numeric month without leading zero (1, 7, 12)
MM            Numeric month with leading zero (01, 07, 12)
MMM        Three letter abbreviation of month (Jan, Feb, Mar)
MMMM     Full name of month (January, February, March)
yy                Last two digits of year (11, 14, 22)
yyyy            Full four digits of year (2011, 2014, 2022)

Usage: ToText(CurrentDate, "MM")


SSMS: Reset Auto-Increment Value

Value will be 1 for the next record insert

DBCC CHECKIDENT ("YourTableNameHere", RESEED, 0);  


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