Win 8 - Add Custome Shutdown & Restart

In Windows 8, now that the Start Menu is now gone and replaced by the Start Screen and Charms bar. This means that if you want to restart your computer, you have to open the Charms bar, click on Settings, click on the Power icon and then click on Restart.

However, this is a major step backwards in terms of efficiency. What went from two clicks is now multiple clicks and either mouse maneuvering or keyboard shortcuts. Many people are not going to want to do that procedure every time they want to shutdown or restart their PC. Also, even with the shortcut tile on the Start Screen, I still didn’t like having to navigate to the Start Screen to restart or shutdown my PC.

In this article, I’ll show you a quick way you can add the Restart and Shutdown commands to the right-click context menu on the desktop. This is what it will look like when you right-click on the desktop:

In order to add these options, you need to add some values to your registry. How?
You can download this file, [Download Here] and run the registry file . You also can remove if you don't want this customize menu!




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2. Click merge dan siap sedia untuk download pdf yang di combine...ok bahasa pon combine.
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