Development of Islamic History Learning Content for Early Childhood

Generally, this post is about my final year project (FYP) in BSc Information Systems Engineering(ISE). I hope this post will help your guys in developing learning content as below:
1. To find the concept of SCORM,
2. The concept of Learning Object (LO), 
3. The methodology used to enhance your development and
4. The authoring tools was used

Learning content is a digital resource that can be reused to support learning (Wiley, 2002). A learning content can be a single file material such as animations, audios, videos, texts, or it could be a collection of contextualized files that make up a learning sequence. It is a digital resource that can be identified, tracked, referenced, used and reused for a variety of learning purposes. Learning content also called as Learning Objects (LO) or courseware (Press S.L, 2002).
The learning content that will be developed for Islamic history for Nuh’s Ark Kindergarten and it will be based on current features of learning content which are interoperable on various platforms, reusable of contents module and properly attributed cannot be achieved without standardization. Many kind of the standard body or standard learning content can be uses as a guideline to develop a learning content. According to Press S.L (2002), the most popular standard bodies for learning content such as International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers / Learning Technology Standard Committee (IEEE /LTSC), IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS Consortium), Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM), Aviation Industry CBT (AICC) and Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative (ADL).
The development of learning content for Nuh’s Ark Kindergarten is using the most standards that are widely used by organizations or developers, SCORM. SCORM and IMS standards are easier to follow to develop a learning content. Furthermore, the SCORM standard is also easier to implement the learning content to the internet network.
The SCORM and IMS standards are should work with others standard bodies such as IEEE and AICC to achieve the features of learning content specifications as a reusable, shareable and interoperable. Furthermore, the standards bodies are not only uses for developing the content, but it also can be uses as a guidelines to deploy the content on the internet network.
The Islamic History learning content will be done and publish on the internet network by using various Learning Management System (LMS) that are supporting the SCORM standards. Currently, many vendors are supporting the SCORM standards such as eFront, Moodle and Dekeos. In other words, the SCORM standard allows compliant learning content to be deployed on any LMS and assembled with other SCORM-compliant learning content to create a course that brings together best of breed learning components (ADL, 2006).
The development of learning content are required a full storyboard for a module. Then, the development will be continuing after the storyboard that has been verified by the stakeholders or Subject Matter Expert (SME). How to develop a standards learning content? To develop a standard learning content, many authoring tools can be used to develop a learning content compliant with SCORM standard. An e-learning authoring tool is enable trainers (teachers) at kindergarten to integrate elements of object to create interactive learning content. The example of authoring tools can be used are Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop and RELOAD Editor.
After the development has been completed, the deployment of the content will be continued. Learning content will deploy in any Learning Management System (LMS) such as eFront and Moodle. Basically, the features of the LMS are must be support the SCORM concept which are can be track, share the content and interoperability with another LMS. 

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