Personal GPS Tracking Units.

Nowadays, personal GPS tracking systems are already being used to enhance thesafety of many children, adults and many more. Personal GPS tracking can be used for tracking their children, law enforcement and race control.

Tracking their children, parents can put GPS in shoes or use of GPS clock system. This will help parents know where children are located. Latest GPS has been fitted with a special emergency button for the safety of children. Parents should explain the uses of GPS. The explanation is important if their child is in emergency situations. So the safety of children is more secure with the emergency button. The supporters claim that if cleverly used, this actually allows children more independence.

Law enforcement is also some uses of GPS tracking for the context personal tracking. For example, prison authorities can use the GPS tracker to detect the prisoners. Every prisoner required to wear GPS tracking, usually in the ankle. With the GPS tracker, the prison is easier to detect prisoners, in case the prisoner escape from jail.

Third is race control. In some sports, such as gliding, participants are required to carry a tracker. This allows race officials to know if the participants are cheating, taking unexpected shortcuts or how far apart they are. //add if any ex: devices as laptop


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