How to Change the Default Icon of a File Extension in Windows 7

There are many options to change default icon of File Extension. For example we can uses FileTypesMan application, or using manual setting. The easier way to change the icon is using FileTypesMan. If you want to changed manually, click here: on option 2.

To Change the Icon of a File Extension Using "FileTypesMan"
1. Click on the Download button below to go the bottom of that site to download, extract, and run the same 32-bit or 64-bit (x64) FileTypesMan as your 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 7 version.
2. Double click on the file extension (ex: .mp3) that you want to change the icon of. (see screenshot below)
File Extension Icon - Change Default Icon-program-1.jpg
3. Click on the browse... button. (see screenshot below)
File Extension Icon - Change Default Icon-program-2.jpg
4. Browse to and select the icon you want to use, and click on OK. (see screenshot below)
File Extension Icon - Change Default Icon-program-3.jpg
5. Click on OK. (see screenshot below step 3)

6. When finished, close FileTypesMan.



Share files easily with Dropbox

Your files, anywhere
Any file you save to Dropbox also instantly saves to your computers, phones, and the Dropbox website.

-2GB of Dropbox for free, with subscriptions up to 100GB available.
-Your files are always available from the secure Dropbox website.
-Dropbox works with Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.
-Works even when offline. You always have your files, whether or not you have a connection.
-Dropbox transfers just the parts of a file that change (not the whole thing).
-Manually set bandwidth limits -- Dropbox won't hog your connection.

Simple sharing
Shared folders allow people to work together on the same projects and documents.

-Invite friends, family or teammates to a folder. It'll be as if you saved the folder to their computers.
-See other people's changes instantly.
-Create photo galleries viewable by anyone you choose.
-Send a link to any file in your Dropbox using your Public folder.
Dropbox mobile
Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry keep your Dropbox at hand, even on the go.

-Bring your files with you when you're on the go.
-Edit files in your Dropbox from your phone.
-Easily upload your photos and videos to Dropbox.
-Share freely with family and friends.

Your stuff is safe
Dropbox protects your files without you needing to think about it.

-Dropbox keeps a one-month history of your work.
-Any changes can be undone, and files can be undeleted.
-Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and AES-256 bit encryption.



Online Converter

Convert media free, fast and online.
No software installation needed.

- Convert Audio
- Image
- document and
- etc.

go to:


[SOLVED] Oracle - TNS:no appropriate service handler found

This means that you have too many database connections basically. Unfortunately since the demise of svrctl, it also means that you as a DBA cannot connect internal to do something about it!

You need to either ask a couple of users to log out, or you need to kill some sessions at the OS level. Once you managed to connect, see if you can spot anyone making abnormal numbers of connections. If you can't find anything you will need to increase the init parameter 'processes'. Unfortunately, this will require a restart of the database to take effect:

please connect the oracle 10g's system first : SQL>connect system/system and press enter

Note. The maximum allowed processes is one less than the init parameter 'processes'

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Development of Learning Content

Learning content is a digital resource that can be reused to support learning (Wiley, 2002). A learning content can be a single file material such as animations, audios, videos, texts, or it could be a collection of contextualized files that make up a learning sequence. It is a digital resource that can be identified, tracked, referenced, used and reused for a variety of learning purposes. Learning content also called as Learning Objects (LO) or courseware.

The desired features of learning content which are interoperable on various platforms, reusable of contents module and properly attributed cannot be achieved without standardization. The standard bodies for learning content such as International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers / Learning Technology Standard Committee (IEEE /LTSC), IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS Consortium), Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM), Aviation Industry CBT (AICC) and Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative (ADL).

The most useful standards for e-learning and learning content are SCORM and IMS which work with others standard bodies such as IEEE, AICC to integrate their specification into usable, cohesive and interoperable. The SCORM standard allows compliant learning content to be deployed on any Learning Management System (LMS) and assembled with other SCORM-compliant learning content to create a course that brings together best of breed learning components (ADL, 2006).

To deploy in any LMS, creation the learning content must be following the SCORM specification and processes. Many authoring tools can be used to develop a learning content compliant with SCORM standard. An e-learning authoring tool is enable trainers (teachers) to integrate elements of object to create interactive learning content. The example of authoring tools can be used are Xerte, eXelearning, CourseLab and so on.

There are various approaches can be used to make learning content available over the internet. The popular approaches to deliver a learning content are CD-ROM and LMS. For LMS, learning content will integrate using SCORM module that support by the LMS.



XML Tutorial: Parsing XML with child elements that have the same name using XSLT/XSL

1. Problem Statement

I am wondering if there is a way to transfer over a parent element with all of its children elements that have the same element name using XSLT.

For example, if the original xml file is like this:

And I try to parse it with xsl using:

<xsl:for-each select="parent">
<xsl:value-of select="child"></xsl:value-of>

wanting something like this:




but I get this:


2. How to solve?

<xsl:for-each select="parent/child">
<xsl:value-of select="."/>

Then, will display as what you want:




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Maksud Bacaan Duduk Antara 2 Sujud

Ketika dalam "duduk di antara dua sujud."
Dalam tidak sedar, setiap hari kita memohon didalam solat kita..tetapi sayangnya, kita hanya memohon tanpa memahami, sekadar tersebut dibibir, tetapi tidak tersentuh dari hati kita selama ini.
Marilah kita mula menghayati ketika kita duduk di antara dua sujud semasa solat.
Dengan rendah hati nyatakanlah permohonan ampun kepada Allah..

Rabbighfirli.. (Tuhanku, ampuni aku..)
Diamlah sejenak, buka dada dan diri kita untuk menerima ampunan dari Allah seperti membuka diri ketika merasakan hembusan angin sepoi-sepoi atau menerima curahan air hujan ketika kita masih kecil Tetaplah membuka diri kita untuk menerima ampunan Allah. Ulangi permintaan itu beberapa kali hingga kita merasakan ketenangan.
Kemudian sampaikanlah permintaan kedua,

Warhamni.. (Sayangi aku..)
Diam dan tundukkanlah diri kita untuk menerima kasih-sayang Allah yang tak terhitung besarnya. Bukalah dada kita seluas-luasnya agar semakin banyak kasih-sayang Allah yang kita terima. Ulanglah beberapa kali hingga kita merasa cukup. Berturut-turut sampaikanlah permintaan2 berikut dengan cara sebagaimana tersebut di atas, satu persatu.

Wajburnii.. (Tutuplah aib-aibku..)
Warfa'nii.. (Angkatlah darjatku..)
Warzuqnii.. (Berilah aku rezeki..)
Wahdinii.. (Berilah aku petunjuk..)
Wa'Aafinii.. (Sihatkan aku..)
Wa'fuannii..(Maafkan aku..)

Setelah selesai, diamlah sejenak lalu sampaikan rasa syukur kita. Betapa besarnya nilai sebuah doa ini..sebuah doa yang kita hanya lewatkan begitu sahaja.. Dalam tidak kita sedar selama ini kita seperti sedang berpura-pura memohon sesuatu. Sebaik-baik manusia ialah orang yang dapat memberi manfaat kepada orang lain (Hadis riwayat Al-Qudhi).




Ayat 1: “Dengan menyebut nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang”.

Ayat 2: “Segala puji bagi Allah, Tuhan semesta alam”

Ayat 3: “Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang”

Ayat 4: “Yang menguasai hari pembalasan”

Ayat 5: “Hanya kepada Engkaulah kami menyembah dan hanya kepada Engkaulah kami mohon pertolongan”

Ayat 6: “Tunjukilah kami jalan yang lurus”

Ayat 7: “(yaitu) jalan orang-orang yang telah Engkau anugerahkan nikmat kepada mereka, bukan (jalan) mereka yang dimurkai dan bukan (pula jalan) mereka yang sesat”.

Doa Qunut


How to remove OS from OS selection boot screen.

Step to remove:

Go to Start > Run and type: MSCONFIG , and hit enter.
Click on the BOOT.INI tab and then click on "Check All Boot Paths"
to delete incorrect boot paths.

If the above does not work for you:

Right-click MY COMPUTER and select:
Properties > Advanced > Startup and Recovery Settings > Edit

CAREFULLY edit your boot.ini file to remove the SECOND entry.
Your boot.ini file should then look similar to this:

[boot loader]
default=multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(1)\WINDOW S
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Micro soft Windows XP Home Edition" /fastdetect


Matematik - Cara mudah mengira sifir 11

Ambilkan nombor yang hendak didarabkan dengan 11, bayangkan ada satu ruang antara dua digit nombor berkenaan.(dalam contoh ini kita akan menggunakan nombor 52:

5 x 11=?

Bayangkan nombor 52 sebagai 5_2

Sekarang tambah dua nombor bersama-sama dan tempatkan mereka di tengah-tengah:

5_ (5 +2) _2 = 5_7_2 = 572

Sekelip mata anda mempunyai jawabannya: 572.

Jika nombor di tengah menjadi 2 digit angka apabila dicampurkan, hanya memasukkan nombor kedua dan tambahkan 1 untuk yang pertama:

Contoh: 99 x 11=?

9_ (9 +9) _9 = 9_18_9

(9 +1) _8_9

10_8_9 = 1089

Cara ini memberi jawaban yang betul setiap masa.


7 open source e-Learning CMS platforms

Source: webdesigncrate - 7 open source e-Learning CMS platforms

Hello CMS fans! Today we gonna present you 7 open source e-Learning CMS platforms which can be handy for your school, institution or even if you are a freelancer professor. The possibilities are endless so enjoy this round-up and for any questions, reviews or mentions use the comment section of this article.

1. eFront

eFront is a product of cutting-edge technology, ready to satisfy your needs and help your organization be more efficient and more productive. You will discover new ways to perform educational tasks easier and faster, while keeping your people in shape. In short, eFront is an easy to use, visually attractive, SCORM compatible, eLearning and Human Capital Development system.

Quick feature highlight:

  • Easy to use: eFront was build from the scratch with the end user in mind. You will find it rather natural to get used to its interface where most options are self-explenatory.
  • Visually attractive: building the most beautiful eLearning tool.
  • Technologically advanced: eFront is an Ajax enabled, Unicode, LDAP and SCORM supporting, multilingual eLearning platform.
  • Pedagogical concepts: Integrated to eFront are sound pedagogical concepts that guide users and keep them motivated.
  • Open Source: eFront is offered as an open source software. Download it for free, customize it to your needs, add new functionalites and share them with the community. Although distributed as free software, eFront is being supported by a professional team of highly skilled developers.
  • Complete: eFront includes a wide variety of components that help you create your lesson structure and add content, build online-tests, communicate with others, track users history and progress, conduct surveys, assign projects, and create certifications. And this list just scratches the surface of the system.



Moodle is an Open Source Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It has become very popular among educators around the world as a tool for creating online dynamic web sites for their students. To work, it needs to be installed on a web server somewhere, either on one of your own computers or one at a web hosting company.

The focus of the Moodle project is always on giving educators the best tools to manage and promote learning, but there are many ways to use Moodle:

  • Moodle has features that allow it to scale to very large deployments and hundreds of thousands of students, yet it can also be used for a primary school or an education hobbyist.
  • Many institutions use it as their platform to conduct fully online courses, while some use it simply to augment face-to-face courses (known as blended learning).
  • Many of our users love to use the activity modules (such as forums, databases and wikis) to build richly collaborative communities of learning around their subject matter (in the social constructionist tradition), while others prefer to use Moodle as a way to deliver content to students (such as standard SCORM packages) and assess learning using assignments or quizzes.



ATutor is an Open Source Web-based Learning Content Management System (LCMS) designed with accessibility and adaptability in mind. Administrators can install or update ATutor in minutes, develop custom templates to give ATutor a new look, and easily extend its functionality with feature modules. Educators can quickly assemble, package, and redistribute Web-based instructional content, easily retrieve and import prepackaged content, and conduct their courses online. Students learn in an adaptive learning environment.

ATutor is the first inclusive LCMS, complying with the W3C WCAG 1.0 accessibility specifications at the AA+ level, allowing access to all potential learners, instructors, and administrators, including those with disabilities who may be accessing the system using assistive technologies. Conformance with W3C XHTML 1.0 specifications ensures that ATutor is presented consistently in any standards compliant technology.

ATutor has also adopted the IMS/SCORM Content Packaging specifications, allowing content developers to create reusable content that can be swapped between different e-learning systems. Content created in other IMS or SCORM comformant systems can be imported into ATutor, and visa versa. ATutor also includes a SCORM 1.2 Runtime Environment (LMS RTE3) for playing and managing SCORM based Sharable Content Objects (SCOs).


4.Docebo LMS

DoceboLMS is an open-source software package for e-learning (LMS – Learning Management System and LCMS – Learning Content Management System), entirely created and developed by Docebo Srl. The program, which is released under a GPL license, has no licensing costs.

Today, thanks to its “multi-model didactic” approach, the program is one of the most used and appreciated open-source platforms at an international level; the possibility of personalising the didactic model to the client’s needs makes DoceboLMS a sophisticated and flexible but, most of all, simple platform that can be configured for different environments that use different didactic models: large companies in the sectors of finance and insurance, health, government, universities and schools.

DoceboLMS makes it extremely easy to construct the didactic content of lessons and teachers are free to reuse files that they already have (Powerpoint, Word, PDF, film clips, etc). Users can also be managed by groups or categories and it is also possible to personalise the graphic environment for subgroups of users.

Key features:

  • User registration by administrator, moderated or free
  • User management through groups, roles or organization tree
  • Additional fields for better user cataloguing
  • Competence management module and gap analysis
  • Course and curricula management system
  • Standard and customized multilevel report
  • Generation and printing of PDF certificates
  • Track monitoring and SCORM 1.2 and 2004 support
  • Administrator management and profiling
  • Didactic multimodel support (Cognitivism, constructivism and blended learning)
  • Export report in Excel format and others, report scheduling for automatic sending
  • Third party software/services interfacement
  • Third party software/services import and export data
  • Web authoring
  • Pre-assessment and Post-assessment management
  • Multitemplate and Multidomain layout customization (support LTR and RTL)
  • Web browser only based, multibrowser compliance, no plugins required
  • Internal search engine for content library
  • Course catalog
  • Automatic course subscription based on company role, group or tree position
  • User registration or subscription through codes or cards
  • Browser compatibility: Explorer (6,7,8,9), Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • Operating systems: Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Linux, Mac


5.Open Conference Systems

Open Conference Systems (OCS) is a free Web publishing tool that will create a complete Web presence for your scholarly conference. OCS will allow you to:

  • create a conference Web site
  • compose and send a call for papers
  • electronically accept paper and abstract submissions
  • allow paper submitters to edit their work
  • post conference proceedings and papers in a searchable format
  • post, if you wish, the original data sets
  • register participants
  • integrate post-conference online discussions

The demo account credentials are: username – admin; password – testdrive



General features:

  • Course and Group Management
  • Personal Desktop and Repository
  • Forums, Chat, Wikis
  • Content authoring
  • SCORM 1.2 and 2004 support (certified)
  • Test & Assessment
  • Survey
  • Exercises
  • LDAP, CAS, Shibboleth, DB, SOAP authentication
  • WebDav support
  • Plugins
  • SOAP Webservices
  • Google Maps



OLAT is an open source Learning Management System offering a flexible online course system along with extensive features to guarantee learning and teaching independent of time and place. It has been created especially for public institutions such as universities, academies or colleges, however, it is also suitable for other businesses since OLAT can easily represent any didactic concept or be used in any kind of learning environment.

OLAT means ‘Online Learning And Training’ and is a Learning Management System (LMS) based on the open source model. It has been developed modularly as well as course-based to offer you a maximum of flexibility and didactic freedom as respects the preparation of learning contents. By means of a vast user and group management on the one hand and a multitude of collaborative tools on the other it is possible to realize any teaching scenario without restriction.

Apart from a flexible course system OLAT also comprises various course-independent as well as course-comprehensive features. This includes particularly a general management of learning resources including indexing as well as the provision of editor tools to create courses, tests, and questionnaires.


Cara-cara Buat Partition Hard Disk

Sumber Asal: Mancis Dah Basa - Cara-cara Buat Partition Hard Disk

Partition juga boleh dibuat menggunakan Disk Management tools apabila kita dah masuk sistem Windows.

Cara-cara buka Disk Management

1. Klik Start Menu dan taip partition kat ruang Search programs dan files
Windows akan cari program tersebut dan akan paparkannya di bahagian atas.

2. Klik pada Create and format hard disk partitions
Selepas itu Disk Management akan dipaparkan.

Dalam Disk Management kita boleh tengok semua partition dan drive yang ada. Kita juga dapat lihat saiznya. Macam demo yang aku buat ni, kat dalam gambar atas cuma ada drive c:, system reserve dan cd-rom drive. Dari Disk Management tersebut kita dapat tahu bahawa drive C dan System Reserve tu berada dalam hard disk yang sama. System reserve tu adalah partition yang dibuat oleh Windows, jadi jangan ubah apa-apa yang itu.

Aku nak tunjukan macam mana nak buat satu lagi partition dari partition C.

1. Klik butang kanan mouse pada partition C
2. Klik Shrink Volume

Aku nak kecilkan partition C supaya dapat buat partition E. Dalam demo ni aku cuma ada 10GB hard disk sahaja. So, contoh yang aku buat pun kecillah.

3. Taip 1500 kat ruangan Enter the amount to shrink in MB.
Dari info diatas, aku cuma boleh dapat 2,201 MB sahaja paling maksima. Tak apalah aku cuma nak buat partition E sebesar 1,500 MB sahaja.

4. Klik butang Shrink
Dalam beberapa saat (bergantung kepada saiz), partition C akan dikecilkan kepada 8.44 GB dan ada ruang baru sebesar 1.46 GB, boleh buat partition baru di situ.

5. Klik kanan butang mouse dan klik New Simple Volume
Akan keluar Volume Wizard

6. Klik Next

7. Taipkan saiz partition baru. Kat sini aku letak maksimum 1499. Tekan Next.

8. Tetapkan huruf drive yang baru. Kat sini, drive yang baru tu ialah E

9. Format partition. Kat dalam gambar atas ni, semuanya default value. Aku cuma ubah Volume label sahaja. Tekan Next
10. Tekan Finish.

Tunggu beberapa saat/minit (bergantung kepada saiz partition.)

Dah pun siap partition baru iaitu Drive E


Apa itu XML?

Sumber: Penggunaan XML

XML digunakan dalam pelbagai aspek untuk membangunkan sesuatu laman web dan kebiasaanya adalah untuk meringkaskan cara menyimpan dan perkongsian maklumat.

XML mengasingkan data dari HTML

Sekiranya anda ingin menggunakan teknik Dynamic HTML dalam laman web anda, proses mengemas kini fail-fail tersebut akan mengambil masa kerana rumit; anda perlu mengubah setiap satu persatu data yang dimasukkan (melibatkan data yang besar).

Dengan XML, ke semua data-data di simpan berasingan iaitu XML (data) dan HTML (paparan data). Melalui cara ini, anda boleh menumpukan untuk mengemas kini bentuk reka (layout) dan paparan (display) data pada fail HTML sahaja.

Manakala untuk kemas kini data-data, anda hanya perlu mengubah suai fail XML sahaja, tidak perlu melibatkan HTML. Jika anda memasukkan elemen Javascript dalam fail HTML, ia akan menggabungkan data-data dari XML dan dimasukkan dalam HTML untuk dipaparkan secara automatis.

* Anda akan mempelajarinya secara berperingkat nanti. Ikuti tutorial ini.

XML memudahkan perkongsian, penghantaran dan perpindahan maklumat

XML di simpan dalam format teks biasa (plain text). Format "plain text" ini membolehkan semua perisian untuk mengaksesnya, tidak perlu perisian tertentu.

XML memudahkan penghantaran maklumat dari pelbagai aplikasi yang berlainan di internet. Kaedah ini menjimatkan penggunaan masa tanpa perlu di tukar kepada format yang sesuatu sebelum di hantar.

Sekiranya anda melakukan pertukaran penempatan web (web hosting), untuk memindahkan data-data yang beribu akan lebih mudah dengan XML kerana sifat "plain text"nya.

XML digunakan oleh pelbagai aturcara

Banyak bahasa pengatur cara di internet sekarang yang menggunakan format XML dalam atur caranya seperti:

  • WSDL
  • WAP dan WML
  • RSS


Cara mudah simpan picture kat google.


Apa itu Android?

Assalamulaikum Wbt kepada yang bertandang ke blog juong-journal. Sebelum pergi lebih jauh, aku nak tanya korang, kenal tak dengan lambang / logo di atas? Yup! ini adalah logo Android. Pernah dengar tapi tidak pasti apa sebenarnya android itu? Jangan risau, hari ini aku ingin kongsikan sedikit sebanyak informasi tentang ANDROID ni.

Apa itu Android?
Android adalah satu “Operation System” (OS) yang dibangunkan oleh Android Inc menggunakan “Linux” kernel untuk sistem operasi telefon, Android Inc dibeli oleh syarikat gergasi Google Inc pada tahun 2005 dan ia mula memasuki pasaran pada akhir 2009. Pada May 2010, Android telah menguasai 20% pasaran smartphone di Amerika menandingi Smartphone yang lain seperti windows os, iphone os dan blackberry os. Oleh kerana ia dibangunkan dari sistem linux, Google membekalkan Android Operating sistem secara percuma dan ia akan kekal

Android tidak terikat ke satu merek Handphone saja, beberapa vendor terkenal yang sudah memakai Android antara lain Samsung , Sony Ericsson, HTC, Nexus, Motorolla, dan lain-lain. Keunggulan utama Android adalah menarik dan open source, yang membuat smartphone Android dijual lebih murah dibandingkan dengan Blackberry atau iPhone hardware yang ditawarkan Android lebih baik.

Fungsi utama Android:
+ WiFi hotspot,
+ Multi-touch
+ Multitasking
+ Accelerometers
+ Support java
+ Jaringan (GSM/EDGE, IDEN, CDMA, EV-DO, UMTS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE & WiMAX)

Versi Android yang berada di pasaran sekarang.
1. Eclair (2.0 / 2.1) - Released 26 October 2009.
Versi Android awal yang mulai dipakai oleh banyak smartphone, fungsi utama Eclair yaitu perubahan total struktur dan menampilkan user interface dan merupakan versi Android yang pertama kali menerima format HTML5.

2. Froyo (2.2) - Released on 20 May 2010.
Android 2.2 dikeluarkan dengan 20 fungsi baru, antara lain peningkatan kecepatan, fungsi Wi-Fi hotspot dan menerima Adobe Flash.

3. Gingerbread (2.3) - Akhir 2010
Perubahan utama di versi 2.3 ini termasuk update UI, peningkatan fungsi soft keyboard & copy/paste, power management, dan support Near Field Communication.

4. Ice Cream Sandwich (2.4 atau 4.0)
- 10 Mei 2011
Diumumkan secara rasmi pada 10 Mei 2011 di ajang Google I/O Developer Conference (San Francisco), pihak Google mengklaim “Android Ice Cream Sandwich” akan dapat digunakan baik di smartphone ataupun tablet.

5. Honeycomb (3.0, 3.1 dan 3.2) - 2011
Merupakan versi Android yang ditujukan untuk gadget / device dengan layar besar seperti Tablet PC; Fitur baru Honeycomb yaitu dukungan terhadap prosessor multicore dan grafis dengan hardware acceleration. Tablet pertama yang memakai Honeycomb adalah tablet Motorola Xoom yang dikeluarkan bulan Februari 2011.

Kebanyakkan telefon bimbit sekarang support Android. Jika anda (aku la tu kot..hehe) berhasrat untuk membeli telefon bimbit, pastikan ia support Android. :)

Capaian artikel- List of Mobile Operating Systems (Mobile OS)


cPanel Tutorial: Advanced - Cron Jobs

Notes: This article is 100% copy from

A cron job allows you to run a certain command at times set by the job. For example, you could set a cron job to delete temporary files every week so that your disk space is not being used up by those files.

Check out the Cron Jobs video tutorial:

Cron Jobs Detailed Tutorial

To access the Cron Jobs Menu, click on the corresponding icon located on the main screen of your cPanel interface.

The upper section of the Cron Jobs interface allows you to specify the email address where you would receive an email each time a cron job is ran for your account.

You can enter the desired email address in the text box and click the Update Email button to apply the changes.

The next (lower) section of the Cron Job interface is where you actually set your cron jobs.

There are several common settings that can be used for setting up your cron jobs. In the example above we are showing how to setup a lynx cron job to run twice a day. There is no problem to enter the desired options manually. You can either use the drop-down menus or just type in the text boxes.

Once ready setting up the cron job click the "Add New Cron Job" button and it will be saved and activated for your account.

The bottom part of the Cron Jobs interface will allow you to edit or delete existing cron jobs.


[Tutorial] Cara nak setting Google DNS

Sekarang musim 10 file kena sekat. Ini tutorial bagaimana mahu lepas sekatan. Sangat cantik .

Langkah Pertama
Klik Icon Network Connection yang terdapat pada taskbar windows. Kemudian, klik pada Open Network and Sharing Center dan tetingkap Network and Sharing Center terpapar.

Langkah Kedua
Klik pada Change adapter settings dan seterusnya tetingkap Network Connections terpapar.

Langkah Ketiga
Right click pada rangkaian yang anda sedang gunakan sebagai contoh, Wireless Network Connection. Satu paparan Network Connection Properties akan terpapar.

Langkah Keempat
Double clik pada Internet Protocol Version (TCP/Ipv4) (bagi pengguna Windows Vista ke atas) atau Protocol Version (TCP/IP) (bagi pengguna Windows XP).

Langkah Kelima
Kemudian, satu tetingkap akan terpapar seperti pada Rajah 5. Pilih Use the following DNS server addresses.

Pada ruangan Preferred DNS Server, masukkan data seperti berikut
Dan pada ruangan Alternate DNS Server, masukkan data seperti berikut
Jika anda sudah lakukan dengan baik, sila klik pada butang OK, dan anda sudah berjaya melakukannya.

Langkah Keenam
Akhir sekali, sila klik OK pada tetingkap Network Connection Properties anda. Siap !

p/s : Tutorial ini 99% diceduk dari teamaryzs sebab aku malas nak print skrin. Terima kasih. :)


CSS | Opacity cross-browser | IE | FF | Chrome | Safari

Cara nak set Opacity di setiap element:

1. DEMO:

Test paragraph without opacity.

Test paragraph with opacity - Chrome | FF | Safari

Test paragraph with filter - IE

Test paragraph with -ms-filter - IE

.test {
background-color: #red;
width: 100%;
color: #ffffff;

.test2 { // for all other browsers
opacity: .5;

.test3 { // for IE5-7
filter: alpha(opacity=50);

.test4 { // for IE8



SmartTAG lebih mudah?

Salam semua, :)

Aku ada baca info tentang smartTAG..aku tengok banyak info berguna untuk dikongsikan bersama. jadi aku masa terluang ni nak tulis pasal smartTAG kat blog aku ni... xde makna nye nak jual smartTAG....huhu.

SmartTAG - "Sistem Membayar Automatik Rangkaian Tol", dan dalam omputih nya dipanggil "literally means Automatic Payment System For Toll Network";

Fungsi SmartTAG ni adalah untuk memudah para pengguna jalan raya yang terkena perangkap jalanraya atau lebih dikenali dengan 'TOL'. apa yang aku tahu smartTAG ni menjimatkan masa anda semasa melalui tol. lain-lain fungsi @ kelebihan anda boleh klik di sini

Cara nak guna smartTAG, halakan device smartTAG ke arah tol, dan secara automatik penghalang akan dinaikkan, so boleh kereta jalan terus je, xyah duk tunggu panjang2. Kalau nak tahu lebih lanjut cara penggunaan smartTAG ni, sila klik di sini

Harga smartTAG ni hanya RM130 dan percuma RM10 Touch n Go.

Di mana nak beli SmartTAG? anda boleh beli di Kaunter Khidmat Pelanggan Touch 'n Go dan juga stesen petronas terpilih sahaja.

bagi pendapat aku pula, smartTAG ni jauh lebih mudah berbanding Touch 'n Go. sebab kita just tunjuk device smartTAG je, xyah duk hentikan keta spt touch n go tu...banyak hal!

Jadi konklusinya, aku nasihatkan mana2 yang jarang2 terkena perangkap jalanraya cam TOL ni, xyah beli la smartTAG. if nak buat smartTAG sebagai koleksi nevermind, saya xde untung apa2 pon... ;)

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My first wordpress theme

Orang lain dah lama main wordpress ni...aku baru je nak berkecimpung dlm bidang membuat theme ni....huhu...xpe asal kan bahagia... ok ni snap image wordpress theme aku...belum siap lagi...baru 10%. hampir 2 jam aku buat ni......macam mana? rasa ok tak?

Second phase:

The last phase:

Macam Mana? ok tak?

nantikan kemunculan my wordpress theme....


PHP: Explode file extension | Malaysia Mari

 //example: basename($_FILES['file']['name'][$i] = angry_birds.jpg

$extension = explode(".", basename($_FILES['file']['name'][$i]));
$getExtension = count($extension) -1;
$extension = strtolower($extension[$getExtension]);

if($extension != "jpg" && $extension != "jpeg")
echo "only .jpg or .jpeg file";
echo $extension;

The output:

Full code will publish later. thanks


Penunjuk Arah Kiblat

Hari ni aku nak kongsi penunjuk arah kiblat...teruja dapat tahu aplikasi online ni...aplikasi ni amat berguna kpd sesiapa yang amat memerlukan nya.... :) Aplikasi ini mengesan tempat anda secara automatik..

Sample Image penunjuk arah kiblat di Kuala Lumpur:


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