Development of Learning Content

Learning content is a digital resource that can be reused to support learning (Wiley, 2002). A learning content can be a single file material such as animations, audios, videos, texts, or it could be a collection of contextualized files that make up a learning sequence. It is a digital resource that can be identified, tracked, referenced, used and reused for a variety of learning purposes. Learning content also called as Learning Objects (LO) or courseware.

The desired features of learning content which are interoperable on various platforms, reusable of contents module and properly attributed cannot be achieved without standardization. The standard bodies for learning content such as International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers / Learning Technology Standard Committee (IEEE /LTSC), IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS Consortium), Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM), Aviation Industry CBT (AICC) and Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative (ADL).

The most useful standards for e-learning and learning content are SCORM and IMS which work with others standard bodies such as IEEE, AICC to integrate their specification into usable, cohesive and interoperable. The SCORM standard allows compliant learning content to be deployed on any Learning Management System (LMS) and assembled with other SCORM-compliant learning content to create a course that brings together best of breed learning components (ADL, 2006).

To deploy in any LMS, creation the learning content must be following the SCORM specification and processes. Many authoring tools can be used to develop a learning content compliant with SCORM standard. An e-learning authoring tool is enable trainers (teachers) to integrate elements of object to create interactive learning content. The example of authoring tools can be used are Xerte, eXelearning, CourseLab and so on.

There are various approaches can be used to make learning content available over the internet. The popular approaches to deliver a learning content are CD-ROM and LMS. For LMS, learning content will integrate using SCORM module that support by the LMS.



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